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Research Trail Part 1

An Introduction to Studying in HE

Assignment – Research Trail

When an assignment on research actually fuels inspiration for a good project!

Doing this not only to complete the Introduction to studying in HE course but I think makes a good warm up exercise for me. Dip my toes in this whole home learning thing.

While I’m thinking I’m not going to put 100% into research at this stage, due to my personal time frame and it’s sort of like practice assignment anyway.
I am be working this course around my children, I will have to plan the “out in the world” research time carefully, most primary sources and libraries would require a day trip out for me. I will not be able do this until next week, by then I’m going to be honest and say I want to be working on my first exercises and assignments in Steps of illustration for research.

So guess that I’m keeping this a bit shorter/quicker in terms of what I will commit to when I do the main assignments, I think it will help me
I get to grips with my thoughts and progress.
I’ve never really recorded what I do in terms of research or given much thought/attention, I already mind map, create mood board, research and thumbnails, So guess this will help me in time organize the chaos I can sometimes find myself in!

Guess this is the place for trail and error.

As you can see above I came to a topic idea quite quickly, a fusion of the style of Mick Wiggin and 90s children’s animation shows.
Funny in the learning log/blog post before I stated a desire to learn from my tutor possibly including my childhood, seems this may have still been lingering on the back my mind…

So I’ve given myself a topic / brief if you like of creating a poster for a “90s” show with inspiration from a leading Illustrator of that time.

I have also highlighted key areas which I could have deeper research / study within.

  • 90s Illustration history.
  • 90s children’s animation.
  • 90s fashion and technology.
  • Mick Wiggin.
  • Twentieth century art movements leading to the 90s.
  • Poster formats, bleeds, ready for print, layouts, sizes.

I have developed a strong idea of the direction which I would like to explore, I’m not sure how far meant to get into a completed piece under this assignment!
However I do want to develop upon this idea and I’m inspired by it.

I do have a few worries on the over all design the fusion of the two styles could possibly lead it feeling like WW2 era type posters with the colour palette and Mick Wiggin style not the quite the 90s POP of colours.
Another issue I face is I’m currently unsure how to go about this project in terms of documenting, one reason is that I really would like to start my new sketch book at the start of key step in illustration, how to talk on here, do I really just state my thoughts as I go along or to I try to sound a bit more technical.

Mick Wiggin backgrounds are the main reason I was drawn to his illustrations so that also is a huge area to research, explore and experiment within.

  • Technique and medium – leads with exploring others (Such as Gouache)
  • Composition
  • Colour palette
  • Shapes
  • From this research how to create my own take on this.

I’m wary about adding image in my blog and need to look it more. (This will be a topic to discuss with my tutor)
So as unsure about sharing images here is the link to Wiggins page

I now also ask myself now a few things.
Have I been to quick in finding a topic? should I have covered more research prior ?
I’m I blinded by fact I want to do this and no longer keeping an open mind, this would be something I need to rein in when working with a set brief on assignments.

While at this stage I’ve not committed to a final idea, I do have a feel and mood to the image, which cannot quite put into words yet.

More coming soon…

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