Getting the Gist pt1

A picture is worth a thousand words!
But, will I be able to create a picture from a few words.

Choosing an editorial from a newspaper or magazine.

20191121_112025 (1)

It is not as easy as one would think!

I got the Sunday times today, the first time in years buying a newspaper!
I wanted to avoid anything politics and too current, the main reason being is that I want this exercise this early in the course to age well. At the moment there is no denying that most editorials are screaming about the sorry state of affairs within the UK and the government. At the time of writing this UK at the moment is getting ready for yet another general election and still in the never-ending saga regarding Brexit!
I should point out I have no objection to political editorials, My family being heavily involved in the union, in politics and I believe is a very important subject that should be covered.
So it did limit a lot, as no matter what I seem to read politics were creeping in!

I did, however, find amazing source of inspiration, research an idea what is current in terms of editorial art just from one paper. All being well and if suits the editorial I have a growing idea of how I would like to try and create the piece, adobe illustrator and possibly explore geometric shapes and adding textures.
While I class myself as a digital artist, my main platform is photoshop / using a wacom. I have used Illustrator and I know the workspace, the the gist of using the software, can create simple designs and able to edit work created in photoshop. It’s more the fact rarely use and had full chance to explore that’s stopped me fully enjoying what illustrator has to offer.
I fact I have a couple of classes in skill share that being waiting for me to watch, so I think this would be perfect to help me if I go down this route.

20191121_112515 (1)

I’m not having much luck in newspapers finding a decent nonpolitical editorial. Anything that comes close does not seem editorial. I found two interesting pieces titled
“Council’s ban on mulled wine drains festive cheer” and
“Farmer hire security for tomatoes as prices surge” both had visions right away, creating banned mulled wine images and sort of men in black guarding tomatoes. However, these reading again became clear that were news articles and just stated the facts and no views. To be sure, I did research into editorial vs news articles and my gut feeling was right. So while hitting this blip, I will be doing some research into the worlds of editorial art and get a better understanding.

While reading information online I came across this , I had seen before shared on OCA facebook page but only quickly glance at it and mainly looked at the images.
It was an interesting read into why editorial art these days look very much the same and it in contract with some information about what art directors look for, stand out, something different.

I cannot deny my first thought was vector based art from what I saw in the newspapers. I want to be “different” so even before I’ve picked a piece I’m torn.
I’m aware in order to be different you need to study and explore so maybe change my chain of thoughts but keep a more open mind when come to designing an image.

It came down to fact I need to understand what I like so I created a pininterest board for this, I was quite harsh in picking my selections, I did it on images that spoke to me, styles I found inspiring and almost a creative muse.
In doing this I discovered maybe was a fan of more simple bold, bright geometric space designs. I like textures, a hue of purple/blues/greens, I’m not really sure of the reason, guess these just speak the loudest to my soul.

OCA Pininterest board 1

Okay, I have a problem here!
After getting a couple of editorial style magazines I’ve found all the editorials I feel are decent all pretty much have an illustration. Guess the style of writing I like tends to go hand and hand with illustrations, which is kind of good to know.
Now faced with a problem as I do not want to be inspired by any one else’s work, nor do I want to creativity try to complete with them or compare myself.
I came up with a solution to give myself the chance of having an editorial I like, I cut them all out and covered the illustrations up and will be leaving for a few days to see if I can “forget” ever seeing the images.

If this does not work I have a plan B.
Least I’m building my stash of magazines and images which could come handy later throughout this course.

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