History of Illustration – Summary

Exercise one – thoughts

Finished piece inspired by contemporary illustrator Jo Empson
OCA 0001
Finished piece inspired by a painting and book cover illustration by John Minton

If anything I feel John Minton was ahead in his time in many ways, he was limited by the tools and prejudges of his time. I felt his desire to create something that wasn’t yet understood, he wanted to be free with his art and in life which time denied him.

In direct contrast to Minton work we have Jo Empson work, who is all about doing her own thing and promoting individual free thinking. She explores with colour, movements in ways Minton could never. In this day and age, while yes it is important to know the “trends” it is widely celebrated being different, people spend their lifetimes growing their own personal style and not being limited by art movements for popularity.

While yes, my first images of Minton and Empson was “just” a picture I felt I could study to compare the two, it had became something deeper then that and much more meaningful.

I’ve taken away from this exercise both new thoughts and new skill sets.
It was an emotional start, truly felt so much from Minton, to finish on that positive message created by Epson’s work.

For more detailed thoughts and breakdown of each artist/illustrator please visit these post.

John Minton

Jo Empson

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