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My sketchbooks

I love sketchbooks, that I cannot deny!

My sketchbook in 2019
Sketchbook 1,2,3,4 – started in March and I try to draw everyday even if a doodle
Colour sketchbook – my colour switches
A4 sketchbook – Started 2018 this is my mark making book (One I do with my daughter)
A3 sketchbook started as life drawing / 100 faces study however ended being anything and turned into a note book along the way

This post is just a simple one to explain what sketchbook I’m using for Illustration 1 – Key steps in illustration.
Followed by a little history in my love for sketchbooks.

My sketchbook is an 140gsm A4 landscape hardback black cloth cover by Seawhite of Brighton. I have used Seawhites square sketchbook before I like their paper, it is multimedia / all media paper, so can do light washed as well as sketches, I find the paper does not warp to much under the washes, it takes a bit of work to make the paper bubble.
I am partly wishing I started my A3 landscape sketchbook (That I got at same time and will use the next session of my course) and I’m waiting more space.
I picked this size as I’ve been used to working smaller so thought may find it challenging to start working in A3 again.

My other sketchbook is Seawhites square 195 cmx195cm I started this at the beginning of October. Sole reason I have two sketch books is my “course” sketchbook is intended to have a direct to my sketches/studies. While guess could say my “personal” one is everyday, from doodles, thumbnails, life drawing, ideas. I carry this everywhere, I plan to have cross over and I will post in my learning blog this as I go along.

I rarely write in sketchbooks, normally writing of scrap pieces of paper and then typing up my notes on evernote/or words as it helps me commit to memory my notes and stops me being overrun with notes. Well, sometimes! next to me right now are indeed lots of random notes.
I also tend to keep all visual references in my pininterest folders.

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