Spider Diagrams

Exercise – Create a spider diagram

This whole excise and a couple of up and coming ones remind me of a skillshare class I’ve competed by Roman Murador called expressive illustration from idea to execution. https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Expressive-Illustration-From-Ideas-to-Execution/748999642?studentRef=580525&via=student-referral&utm_campaign=student-referral-748999642&utm_source=ShortUrl&utm_medium=student-referral
I had a good foundation to grow upon before starting this exercise.

Plus I’m the type of girl that enjoys prompts words, I try to follow things like Inktoper which I also create mini spider diagrams for.

First I create my own from my head spider diagram, only one in the first graph I googled was to check the spelling of something. Then I asked someone in the 20-30 age group non creative to fill in and my 8 year old son.
I felt was important to get a range of views including that of a child.
Lastly I did a google search, main difference between that of google and that of “people” was the emotional side, feelings and memories came into play. Google was very practical and also picked up local events that I never even thought of.

I am going to group each word together and give a basic summary on each for my thoughts.


OCA Spider Seaside

A common link between all was the sea, which means if I wanted to do an image to relate to all four I could include the sea.
My own – (Top left, yellow border) very much came from childhood memories, this is something I could link to childhood.
Google – Picked up some local event such as Sheffield by the sea that I never thought of.
Female age group 20-30 – Lives by the sea so very much every day life for her.
Child aged 8 – very straight to the point and very much things can be found at the seaside.


oca spider Childhood

One of the common link between three (Me, female age group 20-30 and google ) was indeed memories while the child aged 8 is pretty much every thing he loves (Bar bedtime)
Another common between all was school so something everyone relates to is School so if wanted to do an image to appeal to a vast audience I could use school as a key word.


OCA Spider Angry

Angry is the only one of the words that is almost the “odd” one out while it is more of an emotion and the other can mostly been seen as a memory. HOWEVER that being said most of us will have a memory of feeling angry at some point in out life.
Only the child age 8 was just very basic in his finding, very simple to what angry meant the others had the more psychological side to the emotion, when a person grows they see the feeling as more complex.
One thing I think would relate is raw emotion and colour red to appeal in an image.


OCA Spider Festival

For festival google picked up more local events and more religions/cultures viewpoint of festivals. The link between the people was very clearly friends.

Exercise questions

Which word was most difficult for you to work with?
I did not find any really hard to work with actually, only difference for me is that angry could only relate emotionally, with things like colour and expressions and would be harder to draw as a physical item.

The strategies that suited you best to come up with more words?
I actually would like the strategy not to come up with more words but to help relate common images to appeal for my target market or use google to find the key words for local appeal.

Doodle of spider on page to keep my spider graphs

While this marks the end of the exercise, me being me got a little inspired in my sketchbook!
Originally I created a page to hold my loose spider diagram safe and added spiders, like you do and feeling the flow I wanted to draw a quick image based on memories and the key words. I ended up relating to the exercise I kept spider themed and Spider Gareth was unintentionally born!

Cue a page in my sketchbook looking like a note board with spider Gareth’s Polaroids “pinned” on! This page is just my own curiously and inspiration result and I kinda like it!

Spider “Gareth’s” note board

This was created using gouache for the notice board, for the middle I used fairly dry paint and dabbed using three tones of colour to create the effect.
For the wooden frame I use a more lighter tone and more wet paint and tried with the colour to create a grain effect. One finished using “sepia” acrylic ink I added the line to bring the frame forward.
For the Polaroids mapped out the sizes (after googling the sizes) I did round down a little to nearest mark to make a little smaller on mixed media paper, using acholhol markers I added a very basic base, I want to keep fairly simple in terms of colour palette. Once finished with the markers, I went over lightly with coloured pencil to just make less flat. After I added white all over just to add an Polaroid shine, I did think about adding a form of gloss over the top but I wanted to keep fairly matte.
Lastly I glued the “Polaroids” on the note board.

Each Polaroid reflects one of the words, Sea side, childhood, anger and festival.

Main thing I ask myself is did I explore enough creativity with these words, should I have been more visual within the spider diagrams.
I followed the exercise and discovered that ideas vast, I keep thinking of things like if creating a children book, an illustrator could ask children to do these to help relate. This exercise has given me “food for thought”, a bit enlightening really!

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