Visual Metaphors

Broken relationships

I understood the exercise, I often like to use metaphors in my own little way.
I picked my phase quite quickly and that was broken relationship, I did this as felt was more of a challenge.

All the others I had a instant rough idea.
Reaching retirement – An old person trying to reach a piece of paper stating retirement or money.
Dreams of romance – girl dreaming in bed sleeping with hearts coming out like zzZZzz.
Censorship of the press – See no evil, hear no evil, speck no evil monkeys – but the monkeys are dressed like the press.
High achievement- person/student on a tower of books/papers coming towards us with great sense of height.
Economic catastrophe – money trees burning

All these ideas have good grounds for me to explore and grow, but because nothing popped into my head when first glanced at “broken relationship” I picked that.

Spider graph and visual images of ideas

Putting together a mood board in pinterest led me to a illustrator I quite liked, while I’m planning something quite simple in terms of this exercise I do like the work of Davide Bonazzi. While is style is indeed interesting, it is his clever ideas that grabbed my attention, He is very witty and impactful in his work. Without a phase or word you “know” what the piece is about. So, that what I can hope to inspire to.


To help me grow ideas, I did a visual spider graph of possible ways to illustrate “broken relationships.
The one that inspired me the most to explore more was the “red string of fate” which is an east Asian belief that gods tie a string around your little finger that leads you to your true love.
I like the idea of this and the play that will be “cut”.

Working it out in my sketchbook

The idea grew quite quickly and I knew what I wanted just how is best to get this. I had to be careful as not everyone will get the “red string” so added a heart broken in the loop to make more people can visually relate better
I wanted it to flow and movement so I had explored mainly this direction with the string.


While making the illustration say “relationship” as felt the “red string of fate” may not be clear to everyone, I created a heart in doing so I added curves, flow to make visually pleasing. I think the message of “broken” in relationship seems lost now, over all I really like the illustrations but it does says more “we are no longer together, but still BFFs”
Reality it would also depend on the tone the client wants, but based on “broken relationships” its is just missing the mark. It’s needs more drama to metaphor the word broken!
While I sometimes at this stage would try something new, I think their is hope still in this illustration which just needs a bit more exploring before asking for peoples views.

Because that I rightly or wrongly went so I quickly went down in this one direction, it means I have the time to commit to trying to make this image work, so I digitally added lines to make look like it is has been broken like a mirror, making a little turn back to my spider graph “broken mirror” idea.

added broken mirror.

The last exercise was still very heavy on my mind so wanted to push this even more….
And I liked this more, I think it is bolder and has more of an impact so this will be my final version.

img233 in

Now it is more along the lines of what I am aiming for.
Maybe I should have explored different ways to say the same thing? could I have added a touch of style inspiration from David Bonazzi ? I did also add noise to make the image more fuzzy and less harsh like the style of Bonazzi!
I do like this and I guess I made it my own, I also pulled in methods and techniques from the other exercise in part 2 which maybe gave me this idea in the first place.
Would a client like this ?

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