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Assignment Two – Point of Sale Display

Make my illustration eatable!

Notes for this assignment

Basic market research and idea generation for this assignment
(above and below images)

OCA POS researcg

Over Christmas I spotted in Morrison supermarket a POS display of illustration fruit and vegs. (above)

Tom Hovey and food illustrators I researched
Tom Hovey

Tom Hovey
Is an artist/illustrator who I deeply admire, like many I feel in love with his work from “the great British bake off”.

Tom Hovey is known as the Food Illustrator to the stars for a good reason ! he also kindly gives some brilliant advice as well for anyone wanted to illustrate food.

I’m taking Hovey’s advice onboard and technique I’m going to experiment with a techinque doing the other way around than he does. Hovey sketches in pencil first, then outlines with a Posca pen and then scans and colour digitally, I’m thinking for pure texture to create each fruit colour/base, scan in and then outline in photoshop with a brush that mimics a Posca pen.


I want to keep this quite simple, it seems from my research into POS most appear to be quite simple yet eye-catching. I am doing season fruit and berries for the theme, as these days more people care about carbon footprints so thinking pieces that promote local/seasonal. I also want the pieces to mirror each other and each with a feel of the season without being to clique. The main thing I’m wanting to explore is ways to create the textures of the fruit to create a visually interesting piece.

I listed all the fruit in the season for my starting point. I included fruit/berries that was in season for both so could have a nice link between the two images.
While out of season, I collected as many of the fruit and berries that I wanted to include in this piece and created a photoshoot for stock photos (maybe to use in the image) and did a few “still” life studies.

OCA fuit pictures

In my sketchbook like the exercise “turning pictures into words” I did this with the fruit and berries, I collected some images to include as reference and inspiration.
I found some colour palettes as this will play an important part in creating a seasonal mood. While doing this I was eating the fruit and berries to get a feel for the taste and if I could include in my artwork somehow.

I may be using leaves as well in this image to help to create the difference in seasons.


I want to create a piece with different textures all while working in harmony with each other, therefore I wanted to be selective with mediums/colour palette that could work well together so all the fruit and berries within the piece were of the same importance.


For this project it involved me working a lot purely on getting the textures, exploring colour pencils, spray paint, oil pastels, markers, acrylic and soft pastels.
I did think about using some magazine images to include in the collage but I dismissed this as this works against the harmony I’m trying to create within the piece.


The textures I created both in sketchbook and loose papers.

OCA fruit textures
Scanned textures

“When you feel like putting something into your picture or do not know what is the matter with it, take something out.”

Harvey Dunn

I ended up using less than I originally planned as started very quickly to “fill” up, this I feel was starting to work with less is more. I was very unsure on the background I asked for help on the forum as really couldn’t make my mind up which looked best.

colour test

At the next stage, I ended a bit lost, while it wasn’t quite what I envisioned some of these elements I really liked, while it still needs work on fine tuning it also does not feel complete. Is it heading in the Summer / Autumn direction enough?

OCA Colour samples

I ended up spending a bit of time experimenting with background colours and ended up going in a new direction again.

OCA POS background

I was drawn to the darker colours, not that wouldn’t work more “gentle” like the top, I suppose in this case it would be what direction the client wanted as both give a different feeling.
I wasn’t sure about the Teal background so I did experiment with that design a little making blue and pink, but it lost everything that is catching my eye, just if this piece spoke “summer” to others. I asked others and was told it had a very “Mediterranean” feel, which wasn’t my full intention as it is aimed British summer, that being said I understand that the Mediterranean is a summery feeling.

Example with Text

My idea for layout (above) means the design can work together like above Autumn/summer combo or another way summer/autumn.
It could also be flipped to suit store layout and with room for any working, or even cut around to display on POS. The options and freedom are there with this design layout.

OCA POS summer
Design with the lighter blue
OCA POS Auturmn

Assignment two – Idea summary

I have to be honest, this was a challenge for me, by picking Tom Hovey as a source of inspiration I knew I was going to keep this fairly simple and work on letting the fruit and berries speck for themselves.

This also may have changed me as an illustrator, I like using and adding textures and working on digitally and now working on to this level I found the effect quite satisfying.

I had to pull in all the information I gained from the exercises in part two to be able to put this together, I really thought about textures, making the image work subjectively (from working objectively first).
Part of me wonders if I should have done something bigger, I just know for me it was much harder something simple.

I agree, illustrating food is indeed challenging, I think from my studies best not to overwork, keeping the colour palette simple, the same with lines and using them wisely.

Weblinks , references and credits

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