Illustration reworks part 1

Based upon tutor feedback and my own further reflections / learning curve
I’m reworking a few pieces.

OCA saying hello bottom text v2

Saying Hello

I really liked an idea my tutor gave me about having my reflection in the wacom screen so I’ve added that to the final design. However it may still be a bit too little subtle, I was worried about the reflection not seeming “real” if pushed the detail too much, and taking attention from things I liked about this design.

finding content v2

Finding Content

Feedback stated how I felt about the piece really, I myself wasn’t happy with the “phone” but I was keen to keep it as it give the piece a clear “date” stamp for the period look. But that’s not to say I couldn’t make it less “bulky” on the page. As it was throwing things on due to placement as well I moved it and made it smaller, made the desk overlap the design more.
Also added some coloring from the area around so not so “solid”. I wanted to make the man stand out more, so I changed the hue of his face/hand to a more contrast, I also made the coats newspaper texture more fated to becomes more of the coat that the coat becoming newpaper cuttings. Also added more detail to him so he is getting more attention in the image than the phone and lastly I cropped the image to make him “fill” the image more.

VISUAL Metaphor v2v3

Visual metaphors

My tutor feedback was spot on, while I loved how I had explored with the original at the time I didn’t get myself the vibe I wanted.
I reworked this and ended up with this redesign (above) and it is more what my emotions envisioned even if didn’t picture it in my head at the time. It is more inspired by the work of Davide Bonazzi, I sent this again to my tutor and asked for his thought and he came back with more ideas and another illustrator called Adrian Tomine which I wish to look into and work on this one even more.

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