Books – My reading list

Will update this list as I work though the course and when finished a more rounded *book review*

Thinking Visually for Illustrators – Mark Wigan
This is my preferred “illustrator” book, it is handy pocket size so can carry in my back along side my sketchbook

Illustration, A theoretical & Contextual Perspective – Alan Male
I find this a bit of a harder read that “thinking visually” but never the less it is very informative and have highlighted illustrators of interest.

Collins Complete Photography Course – John Garrett & Graeme Harris
This may seem like the “odd” one out on my list but I’ve referred to this book when talking about composition and reread my notes on the book.


Illustrating children’s books: creating pictures for Publication
– I adore this book, I borrowed for from the library but I think I will buy as I referred back to it so many times.

The Drawing Book of ideas – Frances Stanfield
This is a cute little book, will be very handy for sketchbook or if out of ideas.

Fashion since 1900: The complete source book – John Peacock
I felt this would be handy for fashion for the 1950s, however while the book was very insightful, I didn’t use women fashion in the finished piece.

Greeting from retro design: Vintage graphics decade by decade – Tony Seddon
Another book I was sad to return to the library, I found it useful for 1950s fonts (even if I didn’t use) and the idea for “jazz poster”.

Tattoo art ; A photographic source book – Doralba Picerno
I enjoyed this book for the visuals. It is a was a good starting point for inspiration for my tattoo design.

Anatomy for artist made easy: Essential reference for drawing the body – George Bridgman.
I wanted to look/read a Bridgman’s book for a while.

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