Assignment four – Magazine Illustration

I lost my marbles with this one!

I had started this with a spider-graph and sketchbook page of thing “lost” and things you could “lose”.


First page of sketchbook – exploring ideas

oca lost sprider graph

I had a theme for my marbles being a symbol of lost childhood memories / dreams that we walk away from.
The reason I’m going for a colourblind colour palette and having marbles in colour as sometimes we lose what made us excited about the world as a child, the world in many ways is more colourful as a child. That being said, I want to add textures to the marbles to possibly could end up not looking so bright in the end.

marble images

Some of my marble photos (cropped and different layouts) – I’m going with the image bang in the middle as I think it stood out the best and liked the trail of marbles.


Sketches in my sketchbook of different layout and options before adding a character.

OCA - Magazine Illustration moodboard

My digital moodboard (above) for the colour palette, reference to poses that stood out the best and (below) is all the poses in my pinertest board.


Exploring different techniques in my sketchbook


Sketches I created of the marbles (these would be the lines I carry forward)


I explored with tonal using oil pastels, however the page became a mark making page, this was nearly my route I wanted to take. (However I preferred the option of textured pattern card I found in the end) I was also worried about having too much detail in the piece that it would be lost.

My ideas had already started to take shape, I was looking now to polish the design and make it work as a magazine spread, when I was gaining some inspiration I came across two illustrators that would enable to to push my design more.
One being Kali Ciesemier, what appeal to me is how she works her illustration into the page and the text and her work seem to blend together. It got me thinking about my own design and that I should work more around the text. (see below)

Thumbnail – of layouts.


The second artist I came across is Ichijo Hikaru from Japan (riso print pop art) because I spotted she has the foreshorting images I’m aiming for. I also like the textures she has added.

Both artist influence the image I would end up creating.
I started a new pinterest board for magazine layouts for this assignment and future use and to refer back to.
Guess you could say this point I stopped thinking about my illustration as a box!

digital thumbnails

Digital thumbnails and figuring out the best colour palette (LOST)

OCA Lost

At this stage I thought was best to try and take a step back and with fresh eyes try to review my own work (below)

OCA marble textures

I found these textures in a bath bomb gift box set, origianlly I had planned to use all as a overlay, however I think it no longer fits the mood of the piece. Which that in mind I took the marble and used as an overlay on the original marble colour and I think this works.
So I took different parts so all the “marbles” look different.
I had also taken into account my own feedback (and recommended background colour I asked for which was best on OCA discord server) and made some changes. As I rushed the heading I picked a new font and heading that I felt suited this piece better.
I also added shading and highlight to the marbles.

OCA - Assignment 4 LOST

Final piece, I really liked the final result of the marbles.
I maybe would make the foreshortening more dynamic and the step forward more “pulled” and out of frame. But I’m not sure if that is the perfectest in me as it looks right, and to carry on I could be in danger of overworking.

Mockups Design

Mock up of the final design.

Mockups Design

My worry with this one is if I allowed myself to explore enough at first, I found the ideas naturally and quickly taking shape. I knew some things were not working or going to work so I dropped rather then waste time, so could spend more time polishing this idea.
I also had picked marbles which may have been too simple in terms of skill life. I wanted to use what I’ve learnt and put it together in a simple form. I was using techniques I’ve learnt over the exercises without realizing it. Like I knew I needed crop the image, I needed to keep simple, less detail, I wanted the right texture, I think in this respect I’ve started to streamline the way I work. Less time wasting in what I should be doing and more time in creating the piece and growing my ideas.
I’m also starting to see my work better objectively and from a possible client view.
I think by allowing myself on the exercise “book covers” to make the mistake I seeing a clearer picture.

Credits, reference and research

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