Part Four – style

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Identifying tools and materials –
Museum posters –
A Children’s book cover –
A Menu Card –
A Tattoo –
Visual Distortion –
Character Development –

Assignment 4
Magazine Illustration –

I had a couple of up and downs with the part, think I put too much pressure on myself not to overboard with research and stick to the task in hand. I had a few self-doubts moments and ended up second-guessing myself as well.
What I’ve learned myself is to read the objectives carefully, if the client wants visuals and open-minded to give them the range to pick from, give them choices. Put myself more into the client’s shoes and think about what they need not what would make me look good.

Tools and Materials –
This one I enjoyed, I tried to hold back on the research side of things and kept it simple layman terms. Not sure if I held back too much. Being honest I had a lot more I could have easily said and researched. I found it a wonderful exercise to revisit some of my work and explore / redo in a new medium. I also learned some new skills!

Museum Poster –
I was worried I didn’t explore enough as a lot was happening in my head quickly, however, when I look back over my research I’m happy with what I explored and I did pick an interesting subject. My main worry is should I have looked and explored objects/paintings as ended up with my object looking like characters really!
I like the family of posters and quite proud of these pieces, I just hope they “work” for what intended.

A Children’s book cover –
I feel I missed a valuable thumbnail that would have enabled me to hit all the bases, giving the client the range and ended up with two of them very illustrated that it could pass as a storybook and kids will expect that. I wish I did that third option, that being said I like the work I did, and enjoyed it. I knew I was taking a bit of a risk as to the styles I picked rely on the client’s style of writing the education book, which would result in the cover not relating to the interior. I also liked getting feedback on facebook from children and was interesting to get there views!
I thought about changing and giving another sample, however, I may just be second-guessing myself and feel I should trust this enough to get feedback and take from there.

A menu Card –
I feel I was back on track with ensuring the end result would be suitable for the client. I kept simple as knew size to be an issue and dropped a design I liked as was too cartoonish and wouldn’t work small and as a logo.

A tattoo –
I would have this tattoo myself, I wouldn’t have thought to design something like this and was the results of research and getting my first “idea” completely wrong.
I’m thinking the card will need more work (so I’m keen for fresh eyes feedback)

Visual Distortion –
Okay, this is possibly the longest route I’ve taken to get the result, I don’t think I understood at first with what I needed to do and did a couple of false starts, in the end I had to create a way to make it work for me.
I enjoyed the finished result as completely something I would have never created without the help of the collage! While I may not use all the elements there are some bits that I can take forward and maybe reuse (such as the black and white clock palm tree!)

Character Development –
I picked characters from a book, felt there was more challenge in this for me as I love creating my own characters so wanted to give “life” to characters of others!
A risk I took was to create two characters of the same age / 1920s England and late 1940s, I wanted the additional challenge to create another character that could risk looking the same with different hairstyles/clothes to push my own growth forward. In the past I’ve been known for the same face/body to it is something I’m working on.
Only downside of this I didn’t get to create more dynamic character with really “odd” bodies, hoping the course lets me explore more characters in the future.

Assignment Four – Magazine Illustration

Word – Lost
I found the objective of this assignment at first hard to picture. BUT everything I’ve learnt to date helped me to complete this assignment.

While I was finishing of assignment four, I came across a skillshare classed titled Hand Lettering Techniques: 5 Ways to Better Work by Mary Kate Mcdevitt. I picked this class as working on my own hand lettering while doing the course, in this class she covers the importance of self critique, while I can be quite harsh with myself in terms of feedback this class covers a more objective way to look at your work and start to enable you to pin point what “feels wrong”.

For the next part, (part five – words and pictures) I want to ensure I offer a lot more visuals and step up my game for the end result. I feel there are some very challenging exercises coming up and I want to be be able to give it my best.

I also need to start thinking about having the best pieces for assessment and making sure these are at the highest standard (not just “make do”)

Illustration highlights

OCA poster museum mockup
OCA - Tattoo mock up
OCA - Character design mary
OCA - Character design Lucy
Mockups Design

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