Editorial illustration

Sometimes the right idea just takes time!

I had to pick a heading, I was really torn between “how green is your food?”, “the best restaurant in town” and “loves me and love me not”. In the end I picked “how green is your food” as wouldn’t mind limiting the colour palette to just green.


Since the start of the course I have been collecting Sunday papers, I found they tend to have the best illustrations and normally what is current and trending. With this in mind I thought could create a piece aimed at a “health week” for a summer piece. I created a moodboard with some of the illustrations I’ve collected in my sketchbook, the main piece that I picked as it inspired me and gave me a feeling that I want my own illustrations to give viewers!


This was a piece for “International women’s week” titled “escape the gloom of menopause” dark clouds following about to catch up with a women walking away. This was very simple, but effective!

While not quite the setting I would need for my piece the things I could learn from this and take away to apply to my own work. (I ended up using the cloud shape and different colours in my own work)


Early spider graph ideas

something green info
Early stage doodles – Personal sketchbook
Drawing green fruit/veg to inspire myself

As normal I created word relation and spider graph, created thumbnails and ideas, my first main two ideas a red apple in field of green apples or a “green” scale for food even a a boy eating fast food but everything a shade of green.
However for the first time my I had a complete design brain freeze!
I was writing the editorial in my mind as a health piece, inspiring for a summer trend of eating green! Making green food fun, something kind of youthful and playful.


In my sketchbook I had a little toyed with ideas and I thought about an ice cream coloured completely green, from that I thought maybe replace the ice cream with green vegetables and fruit.


I really liked my main sketchbook sketch, so I scanned in the lines and worked on this in photoshop. I faced a few problems, mainly with colour, what to do with lines and making the contrast right.

I did end up creating this in the way that was most comfortable for myself, digital.
It just felt right for the piece/mood…

oca how green is your food v3
Final design – How green is your food

This exercise took it time to come together, mainly I had a bit of a block due to current affairs of the world. I know in reality you cannot have an artist block as an illustrator as would have deadlines / clients relaying on you. So I did quite a lot of exploring, viewing my past pinterest boards, I just went ahead in my sketchbook exploring ideas and randomly had a thought which I went with. Sometimes I have too many ideas, this started as case nothing inspired me! Once I did catch the idea I went with it.

I do think it would match the piece if a “summer healthy eating vibe” I hope it not too weird that people cannot relate. It very “me” in terms of design and vibe!

Plus I learnt to try to work thought art blocks and the ideas will come!

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