Part five – Words and Pictures

This part was completed during isolation for COVID-19
In the mist of homeschooling and possibly having the virus myself I maintained as close as I could to full time studies.
Also we have been unwell with sign of COVID-19 and told to treat like we’ve had it.

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Assignment 5 – Seven days

Reworks (from parts three and four)

I’m a little worried about this part, mainly as I’ve not had the time or as much freedom “think” on exercises and assignments as I did prior isolation, but I made myself a goal to target July/Summer Assessment, timing cuts it fine, and if anything I’ve spent the most time on this part.
As I am now “full time” I felt I owed it myself to maintain this, it hasn’t been easy around home schooling and isolation but I did it. For that I’m proud of myself as I’ve worked under pressure. Maybe even helped stopped me by overthinking all the time!

This part did get me exploring more with tools, paint, new skill sets. I know huge area of growth to bring this together more cleanly and to make it work.
I started trying new things, even when I knew wouldn’t give me the “perfect” results I took this as a chance to explore and see where it takes me.

The result was sometimes unexpected or surprised me in a good way.
One thing that is new this part, I think I’m finding my artist voice, maybe even hints of my own style and way of doing this.
While I get a good vibe on people and projects, I need to ensure in the future I create illustrations with the briefs fully with the client in mind, often in this has been open minded, so some guess work and personal preference comes into play, so I need to work more on balance in the middle stages I think.

Gallery of work I feel most proud of from part five…

oca how green is your food v3

I love this, more so it was the first piece I created after being so ill.
I didn’t create a layout mock up as at the time I really liked the illustration, however since had second thought as the unit is words and pictures… I would be willing to do this if feel needed something more.

OCA travel guide mock up

This was one that surprised me, I really felt it was going wrong until I created the mock up and actually really like.
While not 100% the look I was going for in a way it is actually something more.

OCA - working for children illustrations

While this wasn’t a “final” it was a moment I’m proud of as I really pushed the boat with my physical painting skills, started to test what I liked and why.
Also to gain an all around feel for the difference in mediums so I know better what to use and why when comes to my illustrations.

Character walk OCA seven days

I do worry the “character” over shadows the rest of the project, as I may have gotten attached to this little green guy, I tried not to let my personal feelings come into play and looked at it as the character was important as I wanted more than anything a child to relate to him.
But I cannot deny I like the character work the most in this project.

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