Illustrations 1 – Key Steps in Illustration

Emma Clements – Student number 524053
Start date 4th November 2019
Finished date 12th May 2020

Sketchbook – Loose sheets tour ————————————

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Tutors Feedback

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REWORKS – (based on feedback)

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I started this course as it’s really my second chance, to finally learn in a way that suits me as a deaf person. This is my time to start again and become the person and illustrator I’ve always dreamt of being and know is there within me.

I’ve always given 110% to life as I needed to do so in order to keep up with the hearing world. Now I find I can apply all the extra effort into my course, my work and finding my voice. This course has been the perfect steppingstone to get me started. I’ve found myself growing in ways I didn’t realise I needed. An example of this was I was wasting to much time and effort in some things and with the help of my tutor, started to be able to direct this into the areas that needed my attention more. I can start to see the bigger picture in the world of illustrations and working for clients, how to furfill a brief that I wouldn’t have seen before this unit.
Feedback has helped me see the things that needed to be fixed. A second perspective not only enabled me in my current work but my future work. Nothing in my feedback has really surprised me, a lot has been gut instincts I didn’t trust or know how to fix. My tutor has been spot on with every area I needed to grow and this will help me find the right balance within my illustrations in the future.

I feel a bit nervous about my selections for assessment, I’ve picked the learning logs and creative works based upon not only my growing skill set but areas that are new, areas I’m growing within and bits I’m personally proud of.
I feel it is important not only to showcase my work, but the growing creative voice within myself.

One area of growth I hope you can see within this unit is that when I first started I did too much, said too much and research too much, I think I felt like I needed to “prove” myself and with the help of my tutor started better time management and when and how to spend my time and the best advice given was to “show and not tell”.
I also know I need to work on making sure my work relates more to the brief set, so that the viewer does not have to search for the meaning. I need work on the presentation of my work more and improving hand lettering and typography. I also wish to develop my creative voice and find my way to share this within my work any how I present myself as an illustrator.

The biggest issue I faced and still face, is that I’ve been scared for a while and unintentionally holding back; I have a deaf voice that makes me shy away from putting myself in the spot light, terrified I’ll  be mocked for my voice, my art and that the reality would be that I’m just not good enough. I’ve spent my whole life pushing myself so hard to make up for all that I lack, slowly realizing that this fear is actually a part of my unique voice, a voice I need to help grow throughout this course and within my illustrations. I need to move forward with this course unafraid and willing to put myself out there.
To say I loved this unit would be a massive understatement, I honestly cannot find the words to explain how I feel to find a way for me to learn, explore and create. People who know me say I’ve changed; I am becoming myself.  
I’m excited to what the future within this course hold.   

Word doc also in GDrive folder

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