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Travel Guides

Taking a risk and trying something new! My brief idea for this one is simple, create a new travel guide look that appeals to the younger, Instagram generation without aliening the current audience. The client is looking for trailing a new visual style for travel guides and starting with some of the most Instagram worthyContinue reading “Travel Guides”

Feedback from Part four

Part four has focused on developing your own style and producing work that directly responds to a brief. Overall, your response has been very good. You have demonstrated various stylistic approaches guided by the exercise briefs. Your stronger individual exercises in this part are the ‘Animals’ book cover, the ‘Choosing Content’ portrait, the ‘Fish’ logoContinue reading “Feedback from Part four”

Part Four – style

Quick links Exercises Identifying tools and materials – posters – Children’s book cover – Menu Card – Tattoo – Distortion – Development – Assignment 4Magazine Illustration – I had a couple of up and downs with the part, think I put too much pressure on myself notContinue reading “Part Four – style”

Assignment four – Magazine Illustration

I lost my marbles with this one! I had started this with a spider-graph and sketchbook page of thing “lost” and things you could “lose”. First page of sketchbook – exploring ideas I had a theme for my marbles being a symbol of lost childhood memories / dreams that we walk away from.The reason I’mContinue reading “Assignment four – Magazine Illustration”

Character development

Illustrating with character! I have started creating character moodboards (Sample above of my digital), physical, digitally and on pinterest. (below) Characters really do interest me, I’m going to continue to make mood boards as the list is endless! Aaron Blaise I cannot talk about character design without talking about one of the biggest influences inContinue reading “Character development”