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A children’s book cover

Trying to create an out of the world book cover for 7-11 year olds! My daughter aged seven, not long ago at the library picked up a book titled Aesop’s Fables retold by Elli Woolard and illustrated by Marla Altes. The fact she picked this up as she liked the illustration gave me a veryContinue reading “A children’s book cover”

Identifying tools and Materials

I want to do this exercise again and again! I have to admit, I cannot always tell what medium is used in an illustration these days, the lines between digital, traditional and mixed are very blurred. I feel it is very rare now that an illustrator limits themselves to one medium, more so when youContinue reading “Identifying tools and Materials”

Assignment 2 – rework

Following on from Assignment Two – Point of sale display And the feedback received from my tutor The assignment asked you to respond to a point of sale display brief in which you were asked to illustrate fruit or vegetables associated with summer and autumn. Your designs are good, with the fruit and veg inContinue reading “Assignment 2 – rework”

Books – My reading list

Will update this list as I work though the course and when finished a more rounded *book review* Thinking Visually for Illustrators – Mark WiganThis is my preferred “illustrator” book, it is handy pocket size so can carry in my back along side my sketchbook Illustration, A theoretical & Contextual Perspective – Alan MaleI findContinue reading “Books – My reading list”

Part Three – Working it out

Quick links Exercises Illustrating visual space – an Image – Development – Illustration – Instructions – Visuals – a mock up – Assignment three A poster (Jazz) – Reworks (to date) – This unit, I’m a little worried if I’ve done enough. I didn’tContinue reading “Part Three – Working it out”

Assignment Three – A Poster

Bringing all that JAZZ to my work! I will creating a Jazz night poster. As always my digital moodboard via pinterest. My notes / Spider graph I had many many ideas from the moment I set about this assignment… Maybe too many. All worthy of investigating, however I wanted to do something “different” so IContinue reading “Assignment Three – A Poster”