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Say Hello – Assignment One

Summary and thoughts Nothing like diving off in the deep end! Assignment ONE – Say Hello Part one – Part two – Part Three – Maybe I exposed myself more than I ever intended to, I actually now feel a little nervous because I am letting people into “my world”. While IContinue reading “Say Hello – Assignment One”

Assignment one – saying hello pt3

Creating the image and card As you can see in pt2 I’ve pretty much have the design thought out and now just the case of creating the design. I think this is a good way to also see my digital progress step by step pretty much so I will document this as I go along.Continue reading “Assignment one – saying hello pt3”

Assignment saying hello Pt2

Putting together an idea and style Following on from part one, I had a my source of information for the subject (Me) and basic information regarding sizes/card design and some ground “rules”. My sketchbook at this stage was quickly filling up, I drew things which I could relate to. A mini comic strip My eyeContinue reading “Assignment saying hello Pt2”

Assignment one Pt1

Say Hello Part 1 – discovering me Hi! Hola! Ciao! Salaam! Jambo! Bonjour! Guten tag! Namaste! Ni Hau! Ahn-Young-H-Se-Yo! Ohayo! There are countless ways to say hello, how can I say hello? Even I say I’m quite complex individual and feel I’m often misunderstood.I’m not good at opening up and explaining myself very well, oneContinue reading “Assignment one Pt1”