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Feedback from Part three

Overall Comments  Overall your response to part three has been very good. I will mention again (as I did in earlier feedback) that you seem to be spending a lot of time on some exercises. Try to stick to the letter of the exercises; for example, in the ‘Reading an image’ exercise you delve intoContinue reading “Feedback from Part three”

Feedback from part two

Overall Comments  Part two of the course has focused on developing your ideas through a creative process, from a brief to your finished illustrations. Overall your response to part two has continued to be very good; you research well, experiment visually and analyse what could have worked better. Your strongest work in this submission isContinue reading “Feedback from part two”

Feedback from Part one

Overall Comments The first part of the course focused on getting started, overall your response has been very good. The important thing at the beginning of the course is to experiment, make some handmade drawings, try out new materials and generally get out of your comfort zone which you have done. I’m happy I madeContinue reading “Feedback from Part one”