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Part Three – Working it out

Quick links Exercises Illustrating visual space – an Image – Development – Illustration – Instructions – Visuals – a mock up – Assignment three A poster (Jazz) – Reworks (to date) – This unit, I’m a little worried if I’ve done enough. I didn’tContinue reading “Part Three – Working it out”

Giving Instructions

Giving instructions within an illustration Unintentional very early on for exercises in part two for both spider diagrams and turning words into pictures I watched this skillshare class by Mimi Chao called “mark your memories: make an illustrated milestone map” While watching my mind was thinking this is perfect for this exercise, not onlyContinue reading “Giving Instructions”

Image development

Creating more visual interest This is something I do nearly everyday in a small way, for example when I need to crop a photo into a square for Instagram, finding that square that works the best. I found these strategies recommended… elaboration, repetition, simplification, abstraction, multiplication, superimposition, fragmentation, animation, serialization, stylization, rotation, reversal, point ofContinue reading “Image development”