Image development

Creating more visual interest

This is something I do nearly everyday in a small way, for example when I need to crop a photo into a square for Instagram, finding that square that works the best.

I found these strategies recommended…

elaboration, repetition, simplification, abstraction, multiplication, superimposition, fragmentation, animation, serialization, stylization, rotation, reversal, point of view, magnification, minification, juxtaposition, distortion, exaggeration, and metamorphosis

I had a bit of time finding a photo suitable, I wanted to use one of my own again as wanted to give new life to an unloved photo. I found one that had action in the foreground and a fairly nice background and wasn’t “chopped”. I feel this could create some interesting results.

OCA Image Development v2
OCA Image Development layout 001
OCA Image Development layout 002

This wasn’t quite right!
I felt this piece really wasn’t quite right and just didn’t scream trust, maybe more “cute”, there is still trust within the actual illustration as it is the trust the subject have in each other.
I had changed colour hues to blue (which means trust) however I realized I didn’t pull this though enough, it has ended up too pastel / teal, too unicorn colours, and should have used a darker blue. The background also looks very odd and also just realized I only experimented with landscape and neglected chopping to a portrait version which would work better as a poster design.

My eye caught the “crops”that I did with L shapes, I used this blue colour to show the “second” L crop stage and I think this may be a good tone to include in this piece.
I really like the lettering and the border that is an element I want to keep and what I started as a technique for the lines but maybe push that a little more in a more “trust” “strong” manner. I’m not now 100% sure about my word as it could be more relating to my emotional response to what was happening than the visual but I would like to see this through and “finish”. I asked for feedback on the student discord and most really like the word withing the border and colours and one comment would be it would make a nice postcard.
I felt I needed “strong and simple” to come though in this piece.

OCA Trust v2

I think I lost the objectives a little while working on this, had more “fun” exploring how to create this in this kind of technique than ensuring the image in mind was “trust”.

OCA Trust

I’m very unsure, but I do kind of like it. It’s different!

I really like looking at this standing back and fellow students seems to think it is fine. My mind is thinking is it enough ?

I really like chopping the image and thinking of words, but I feel I lost my creative inspiration within this one and that shows. I think I find it easier to have a word and then create something than to have an image and create a word.

I think I should have explored more words, a different image and maybe even a different crop. This all being said it like the last few is a interesting topic as can see how applies to creating good editing skills as an illustrator and this is something I want to improve upon. I also really like the border / text part of this and that is something I know I will carry forward from the actual piece.


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