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Educational Strip

It’s all going MAD! Key points I wanted to showcase and issues I will face. * less PINK. * I wanted to avoid stereotype “girl”, but still not exclude girls by doing so. * Not being TOO serious but also not downplaying completely this issue.* Appealing to the age group. * Humour within the illustrationsContinue reading “Educational Strip”

Working For Children

The very vast world of children illustration. I have borrowed and read Illustrating Children books (Creating pictures for publication) by Martin Salisbury. Which has been a truly interesting read, one thing that is clear before reading and more so after is “Children have never been offered so rich and diverse a choice of imagery thoughContinue reading “Working For Children”

Character development

Illustrating with character! I have started creating character moodboards (Sample above of my digital), physical, digitally and on pinterest. (below) Characters really do interest me, I’m going to continue to make mood boards as the list is endless! Aaron Blaise I cannot talk about character design without talking about one of the biggest influences inContinue reading “Character development”