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A menu card

Making a small impact! One of the artist I found when I was researching for point of sale inspiration was Camilla Perkins, I liked the colours she use and how simple the design were (which could easily double up as a logo design. Her illustrations reminded me of John Mintons book jacket for In myContinue reading “A menu card”

Identifying tools and Materials

I want to do this exercise again and again! I have to admit, I cannot always tell what medium is used in an illustration these days, the lines between digital, traditional and mixed are very blurred. I feel it is very rare now that an illustrator limits themselves to one medium, more so when youContinue reading “Identifying tools and Materials”

Part Three – Working it out

Quick links Exercises Illustrating visual space – an Image – Development – Illustration – Instructions – Visuals – a mock up – Assignment three A poster (Jazz) – Reworks (to date) – This unit, I’m a little worried if I’ve done enough. I didn’tContinue reading “Part Three – Working it out”

Giving Instructions

Giving instructions within an illustration Unintentional very early on for exercises in part two for both spider diagrams and turning words into pictures I watched this skillshare class by Mimi Chao called “mark your memories: make an illustrated milestone map” While watching my mind was thinking this is perfect for this exercise, not onlyContinue reading “Giving Instructions”