Exploring drawing and painting

Let’s explore, experiment and make a MESS! I really love mark-making, you can see throughout my sketchbook that I like to experiment, test and try new things out. I was a little worried about this exercise, due to the fact I have tried loads of different mediums, textures, and papers. In fact, every summer myContinue reading “Exploring drawing and painting”

Turning words into pictures

Getting in touch with my inner child! Starting this exercise in my sketchbook with “Don’t be concerned about the accuracy of your drawing or the prettiness of it”, pretty much on my mind. I just started drawing with a normal pencil and as if I was doing a spider diagram I doodled the object thatContinue reading “Turning words into pictures”

Spider Diagrams

Exercise – Create a spider diagram This whole excise and a couple of up and coming ones remind me of a skillshare class I’ve competed by Roman Murador called expressive illustration from idea to execution. https://www.skillshare.com/classes/Expressive-Illustration-From-Ideas-to-Execution/748999642?studentRef=580525&via=student-referral&utm_campaign=student-referral-748999642&utm_source=ShortUrl&utm_medium=student-referralI had a good foundation to grow upon before starting this exercise. Plus I’m the type of girl that enjoysContinue reading “Spider Diagrams”

Writing a brief Pt2

Following on from my research stage in Pt1 https://emclemmieoca.home.blog/?p=520Let get started on the creative brief. This time I wasn’t going to make picking an illustration in which to write this brief any more complicated than it needed to be, I felt needed to jump right in and no overthinking. So I sat down in frontContinue reading “Writing a brief Pt2”

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