Image development

Creating more visual interest This is something I do nearly everyday in a small way, for example when I need to crop a photo into a square for Instagram, finding that square that works the best. I found these strategies recommended… elaboration, repetition, simplification, abstraction, multiplication, superimposition, fragmentation, animation, serialization, stylization, rotation, reversal, point ofContinue reading “Image development”

Feedback from part two

Overall Comments  Part two of the course has focused on developing your ideas through a creative process, from a brief to your finished illustrations. Overall your response to part two has continued to be very good; you research well, experiment visually and analyse what could have worked better. Your strongest work in this submission isContinue reading “Feedback from part two”

Part two – Ideas

Quick Links Creating a brief part one part two Diagrams Pictures into words a mood board Reference Pt1 painting and drawing Objective drawing Subjective drawing Black and White Content Metaphors two – Point of Sale Display I really started to relaxContinue reading “Part two – Ideas”

A Subjective Drawing

True to my roots drawing Henderson Relish I am joining the likes of Sheffield born artists and illustrators such as Pete Mckee and doing the classic by illustrating Henderson Relish. Henderson Relish has been created into art many times, even an elephant in the herd of Sheffield rocked Henderson relish style.It could be risky meContinue reading “A Subjective Drawing”

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