A Subjective Drawing

True to my roots drawing Henderson Relish

Art work by Pete Mckee

I am joining the likes of Sheffield born artists and illustrators such as Pete Mckee and doing the classic by illustrating Henderson Relish.
Henderson Relish has been created into art many times, even an elephant in the herd of Sheffield rocked Henderson relish style.
It could be risky me picking something well loved and created many times in art, but I see it as a challenge to really dig deep into the exercise objectives.

‘veI researched artist and inspiration for this exercise together with the objective drawing, so the mood-board I created is for both exercises.


The main thing that was standing out to me, was the contrast in the bottle, the design and colours. This is something I wished to explore and express, which I did in my sketchbook with no clear direction when I started in which I wanted to go other than exploring texture.


How to express the feel of the bottle in form of contrast?
Colour was also good secondary contrast, however it was the feel/texture that I wanted the most.

In my sketchbook I tried acrylic for the shine with gouache for the matte.
Paper cutting to create with layers.
Felt and even acrylic dried paint peeled and cut to shape (which was a lovely smooth texture) it worked nicely with the felt, just not what I wanted for the overall all, the marble effect became main attention grab which really isn’t my direction with this overall piece.


I had an idea for the main/final piece, however this page above in my sketchbook was just about exploring other options to display the contract. Such as different medium and effects and mixing white into the design in place of the black.


I got the idea for the this when I walking one day last week, I was thinking how to gain the contrast in a piece by feeling. Could I use glue?
Using a glue gun I created the shape, leaving the label space free and adding a couple of bumps. In the dark parts I painting black using ink, once dried I used Matte mod-podge to create that smooth feel and hope to tone down the shine.

Scanning and taking photos I lost the true colour of the card, so needed to make an edit in Photoshop just to adjust colours, not nothing to much as I want to remain true to the original.

OCA Subjective

I’m glad I edited the scanned version as now nearer to the original piece.

Maybe I should have explored similar bottles, was I too driven by fact I wanted to create something along these lines being from Sheffield.
If anything I was passionate about this project, as result I think I’ve created I like to think as something different. I like it, it is very simple and when see the original you see it all about texture. That being said would this carry over into print or on screen, I think its does.
I like to think it creates an impact.

Anyone from Sheffield should know what this is, however by doing this subject did I also limited my market?

Maybe even if still went down this route I could have explored more in the early stages, is there another technique that i missed to gain this effect? further research artists/illustrators that could use glue to create their work and ways that they use, try different style of glue art.

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