Part two – Ideas

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Creating a brief part one part two
Spider Diagrams
Turning Pictures into words
Making a mood board
Using Reference Pt1
Exploring painting and drawing
An Objective drawing
A Subjective drawing
Using Black and White
Choosing Content
Visual Metaphors

Assignment two – Point of Sale Display

I really started to relax and enjoy the course, after the brief I found most of the exercises very freeing, I was very inspired, wanting to experiment and explore. I was worried I would hold back before I started as I do know what I like and don’t like and can sometimes be set in my ways, I found I surprised myself and really made it an interesting challenge.

The biggest idea I worked on is this blog, after feedback I’m am trying to move away from the very heavy narrative written voice. Which is hard as it’s an easier way for me to write and talk, I fully agree with more show and less tell, so I want to move away from this. You see the changes mainly after exercise 1950s however my more relaxed tone overall is naturally starting to take effects in my writing and my artwork.

In other areas I tried to stay on the exercise brief, I’m a natural researcher, if research could be classed as a hobby then I would include it. I’m also always naturally thinking “more”, caring for the wider audience, I don’t always see this as a bad thing as means I’m really good normally at putting myself in someone else’s shoes it’s more to explain that tasks that are from “me” are harder I have to have a third party mindset. That isn’t to say I cannot create an illustration solely with in me it is just rare!
This part 2 started getting the “me” opening up more, this is something I would like to continuing exploring when the course/exercise/assignment briefs allows.

I did worry about a couple of exercises I did a little more and just maybe went of track at times, but my honest thoughts on this was I wanted to explore, I was inspired, I felt at times like a kid in sweet shop, I was very curious and for each one I pretty much tried something “new”.
In fact whole of part 2 made me very inspired that I couldn’t seem to stop wanting to do more! more so after the feedback about managing my time I had to walk away, which is hard when having fun.

Areas I feel personally for improvement
– Finishing work with more polished/finished look / learning when need to work on more and when to leave.
– Ask more for feedback from other students.
– Making sure I’m sticking to the exercise objectives.
– Continue to build my creative voice.
– Explore more ideas.

Part Two Illustration Highlights

OCA Subjective
OCA final finding

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