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Illustrations 1 – Key Steps in Illustration

Emma Clements – Student number 524053 Start date 4th November 2019 Finished date 12th May 2020 Sketchbook – Loose sheets tour ———————————— Learning Logs – Quick links 10 learning logs links 1. More links – to each section links (if need more information) Part 1Continue reading “Illustrations 1 – Key Steps in Illustration”

Key Steps in Illustration – Portfolio Gallery

I picked my ten selected images for assessment based upon work I felt showcased a range of skills, I wanted to show my growing skillset, the way I think and areas which I wish to grow within. Collage portrait Digital enhanced copy of A3 photo collage. Size – designed to be enlarged and downsized. CreatedContinue reading “Key Steps in Illustration – Portfolio Gallery”

Part five – Words and Pictures

This part was completed during isolation for COVID-19 In the mist of homeschooling and possibly having the virus myself I maintained as close as I could to full time studies. Also we have been unwell with sign of COVID-19 and told to treat like we’ve had it. Quick links Your Own work Illustration reading “Part five – Words and Pictures”

Assignment five – Seven Days

It’s OKAY! if you feel… I had lots of ideas, if at the start of the course I would have wanted to do something big to showcase on the final Assignment… (above)However I really wanted to bring together all the things I’ve learnt, things I wanted to improve upon into maybe a simple but wellContinue reading “Assignment five – Seven Days”

Working For Children

The very vast world of children illustration. I have borrowed and read Illustrating Children books (Creating pictures for publication) by Martin Salisbury. Which has been a truly interesting read, one thing that is clear before reading and more so after is “Children have never been offered so rich and diverse a choice of imagery thoughContinue reading “Working For Children”