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Key Steps in Illustration – Portfolio Gallery

I picked my ten selected images for assessment based upon work I felt showcased a range of skills, I wanted to show my growing skillset, the way I think and areas which I wish to grow within.

OCAKSI1 - Visual - Assessment piece

Collage portrait
Digital enhanced copy of A3 photo collage.

OCAKSI1 - Menu - Assessment piece

Size – designed to be enlarged and downsized.
Created using Ink on rice paper and finished digitally.

OCAKSI1 - making tea - Assessment piece

Created digitally – Designed with A3 in mind, works well as A4

OCAKSI1 - Character - Assessment piece

Mainly created digitally (A3) with the close up enhanced version of what I created in my sketchbook with watercolour.

OCAKSI1 - Working with children - Assessment piece

Book design based around the word “journey”
Created in procreate / photoshop

OCAKSI1 - POS - Assessment piece

Point of Sale
Mixed media with digital enhancement

OCAKSI1 - moodboard - Asseement piece

Text/Font created with mixed collage of new paper clippings.
created and put together in photoshop based upon my mood board.

OCAKSI1 - Book cover - Assessment piece

Children book cover
Design created individually using watercolour / gouache and ink. Placed together and enhanced digitally.

OCAKKSI1 - how green - Assessment piece

Magazine Illustration
Created digitally in photoshop, picked this to hopefully show a growing style, thinking outside the box when comes to ideas.

KSI1 - OCA Assessment - Editoral

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