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Feedback from Part Five

This post is a bit belated due to COVID-19 (home schooling and my own poor health last few weeks)

your cat bookmark is a good ‘first draft’; the idea is a good one, but the drawing could be a little more ‘finished’. The ‘Purrfect’ pun could also say something like ‘For when you want to take a ‘paws’!’

I agree with this, I think I should have gone down more the bookmark route over the finished mock up for the card. I do have a printer on order, I could print the design and possibly laminate it and then cut for a more finished look.
I do like the idea for the pun…

‘How green is your food?’ and your finished illustration is very good, with strong composition and bold use of colour – it could be an advert for a new, vegetable-flavoured ice cream – not beyond imagining! In fact, quite a good idea – Frozen broccoli flavour for example. Therefore it’s not immediately clear what the illustration is ‘saying’, it could equally be a picture of a burger bun with a carrot sticking out. The link between health and diet isn’t that clear – however, as mentioned it is a very good image.

I love this image, I want to see if I can make it work in the context that is meant, such as a play on “summer health”. I think with text and the right headers could bring this back to the right direction. I get that is not clear as a stand alone image, so this is something I need I need to be careful on in the future.

Your travel guides have an airiness and sense of space while still having a good amount of visual content, a clever balance, and the mock-ups look great. The colour palette is a little muted, and there could be more clash between the background colour and objects like the Duomo. The green and red of ‘Milan’ for example, could be much brighter – the vegetable stall could be a really ‘hot’ tomato red. But overall the design and sketchy drawings are very good and they work very well as a ‘family’ of designs.

Thank you for this, as much as I love the mock up I felt like was something missing for it to be “just right”. My colours these days do tend to be overall a bit muted as I did used to have a habit of making digital art way to bright that it could hurt your eyes. So another area I need to push to find just the right amount of balance.

It feels like you could have pushed the pairs of words much more, making ‘fat’ much fatter, ‘thin’ thinner etc. You seem to have only taken the interpretations to one stage when they could have been experimented and played with much more.

I agree with this, typography is something I want to explore more and I should have used this as the perfect chance to do so. I did however from this stage start thinking about words as a whole more and I hope this shows in the later work, so I did take a lot on board from this. Maybe I should give myself a little chance to go back and cover another pairing beyond the slope of this unit for my personal growth.

Your biscuit sketchbook pages are good, although your initial character sketches are quite Disney ‘Lion King’ and ‘Ice Age’ styled. Try to avoid defaulting to very recognisable stylistic tropes – always try to develop your characters from ‘real’ reference sources. This is slightly more difficult with extinct animals, I know, but you may see something in realistic artists’ interpretations that the Disney animators didn’t. However, your final designs move away from obvious interpretations and have more of your own personal style. The short nose bar is the most charming, despite the ‘hot-dog’-looking leg (or tail?).

I cannot deny my “cute” tends to be influenced by Disney, I did pick my extinct animals because I could find images for references in animals. This wasn’t made clear and I think I didn’t include a mood board of the baby animals (this is an oversight on my behalf) I was very much doing this around home schooling my kids so I may have done too much showing and no telling, However that being said I do feel I should have done more exploring sketches, as I moved into placing them in simple shapes quite quickly.

Now I cannot not see the hotdog tail/leg (may see if can fix that in photoshop)

Your animal illustration work is great; the older-age ‘The Journey’ is a really striking cover, especially the ‘looseness’ of the clouds and the birds. Your bear ‘Journey’ paintings are also really charming and especially your work in gouache.

I will check out the link you sent and likely use at some point in future units.. thank you.

In the ‘Puberty strip’ exercise you really engaged well with the exercise, researching, sketching and brainstorming and producing lots of ideas and approaches. Your finished mock-up looks great, especially the approachable aesthetic which is really visually engaging, and looks more like artwork for a club night or party than an information leaflet.

This was kind of the intention, not sure if I pushed too far into the artwork for a club/party but it was something I wanted to relate to young girls.

your final assignment is another lovely piece of work, in a way a companion piece to the ‘Puberty strip’. Initially your rough layout was too similar in colour palette but your final design resolves this well. You are right that the purple ‘Scared’ panel is a little hard to read, but overall the palette and individual images match the emotional mood. A nice design touch is the way the landscape flows in a continuous strip in the backgrounds. Perhaps the final image could be the ‘cover page’ with the boy in the ‘&’, as the tagline ‘It’s okay to feel this way’ is on the penultimate panel and provides a nice understated ending

I like this area, I think I will see if I can push the design more (and fix “scared” panel.)

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