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My sketchbooks

I love sketchbooks, that I cannot deny! This post is just a simple one to explain what sketchbook I’m using for Illustration 1 – Key steps in illustration. Followed by a little history in my love for sketchbooks. My sketchbook is an 140gsm A4 landscape hardback black cloth cover by Seawhite of Brighton. I haveContinue reading “My sketchbooks”

History of illustration – Jo Empson

Jo Empson graduated from Cambridge school of arts with a MA is children book illustration, she also has a background as a graphic designer. She is inspired by nature, colour and design. Her books have depth, meaning, a colour and movement narrative and very much fun. While I was reading her blog I get theContinue reading “History of illustration – Jo Empson”

History of illustration -John Minton

Locked in the cage of time, his only crime was being born in a time when he wasn’t free to love with his art or nor with his heart. The life of John Minton Known at the peak of his career as a gifted, energetic and a well-travelled artist, illustrator, draftsman and designer, said toContinue reading “History of illustration -John Minton”

Research Trail Part 1

An Introduction to Studying in HE Assignment – Research Trail When an assignment on research actually fuels inspiration for a good project! Doing this not only to complete the Introduction to studying in HE course but I think makes a good warm up exercise for me. Dip my toes in this whole home learning thing.Continue reading “Research Trail Part 1”

Why Word press for my learning log?

This is the first post on my learning log/blog. I thought I will give a little insight to why I’ve chosen word press as the platform for my learning blog… One of the main reasons, is even after I’ve completed OCA I plan to continue blogging as I feel it is a good habit toContinue reading “Why Word press for my learning log?”