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Getting Started

My first steps in the course

I only started yesterday, however I did free up this week so could commit to “starting”..
So lets get started…

First thing I did was I had a look around the oca-student site, I did feel a little over whelmed but mainly excited.

Where do I start ?
So much to see and do!

One of first thing that I did, was I checked out my Tutor, so I did on the site and also a bit of background research as well on google…
My tutor is called James Pyman
I felt I could instantly relate to the kind of things that inspires James, very much looking forward to what I can learn from him and as reading thoughts like, Maybe in time I can link my hearing loss into my art with the help of James! also the way that James links his art to his own childhood in England in the 1970s, I would love to find that link in my own art to the 80s and early 90s…

So quickly emailed him, I did end up typing more that the quick hello, you may find I do that when get excited about something!
I also have a habit of making silly mistakes with spelling and grammar when I’m excited, sometimes I have so much at times I want to say and can end up rushing. Plus its also been years since I used English in the written format correctly so very likely I’ve picked up one or two bad habits, which I suppose is another reason to write and do this learning log, got to work on the way I write and express my artist voice online.

After emailing my tutor I had a quick look at the PDF of the course, bear in mind I trying not to think to much yet on that but I cannot deny ideas are bubbling in my head.
Plus I’m silly excited to get started!

Being sensible, I started the “An Introduction to studying in HE” as I go though it in sessions I’m exploring and setting things up.
I do have experience with learning at home having once been at a web design home learning course and self taught in many areas (Also taken a few online classes, such as skill share)
I did find parts very useful, a refresher and have bookmarked some pages for future references.
So I aim to finish introduction to studying today today or tomorrow and then…

When I get my course books (Due in a couple of days) I want to have a go at some photography so I can create a header / theme for this blog/log.
I did debate creating some artwork, however I need to stay on track and can always make this blog/log relate to my artwork at a later date.

My plans are to create a timeline in my sketchbook of basic history of Illustration – with some visual aids – I’ve never really stopped and actually looked at the time line, it could be an on going product and it is a good method for me to remember/learn. So this is something I would like to do.

That’s all for now…

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