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Why Word press for my learning log?

Using wordpress for my learning log.
Plus a sneak peek in my personal sketchbooks

This is the first post on my learning log/blog. I thought I will give a little insight to why I’ve chosen word press as the platform for my learning blog…

One of the main reasons, is even after I’ve completed OCA I plan to continue blogging as I feel it is a good habit to get into.
I like the challenge and freedom of being able to “grow” with the blog/log.
I plan to tie in many different ways I will document my learning log (So this wordpress blog/log will be home base that links everything together)

Also I will be keeping two sketchbooks, one will be the mainly for the course, exercises, studies and assessment, lets call it sketchbook A.
I already keep a daily sketchbook, lets call them sketchbook Bs, this has been my personal sketchbook, I do personal studies, doodles, ideas, thumbnails, sketches for my webtoon, characters, life drawing, mark making, colour studies. I’m also realistic enough to know the sketchbooks will cross over.
I did for a while debate one sketchbook, however sketchbook B is part of me in many ways, I keep them like books and very much go with the flow and its a habit now.
I do plan to make sketchbook A the “main” sketchbook however just with a little more control in terms of making sure it is reverent to where I am in the course.

In fact while being brave I will share a few scan pages
Which also get me using image in wordpress for first time, so win win…

These are mainly from sketchbook 1 (I still have a lot of scanning to do)

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