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Research Trail Part 2

An Introduction to Studying in HE

“In order to do something well we must first be willing to do it badly”

Julia Cameron

Following on from Part 1, I have chosen the following areas to research.

  • Mick Wiggins
  • 90s style of TV Animation
  • Character
    90s Fashion
    Based my own experiences of growing up in the 90s
  • Sheffield 90s backdrop – landscapes/simple that can be recognized as Sheffield

I “googled” each of the topics, changing the wording and limiting the search each time so was able to find results to help me create an illustration based upon my research.
At this stage I knew the direction I was heading and had a clear intention what I wanted from the final artwork, I was wanting the vibe of Mick Wiggins illustrations in my own work with some kind of twist.
I did wonder a bit at this stage if should do more research into Mick Wiggins background and write a summery in a learning log but is that too much at this stage for this assignment?
Mick Wiggins is a very interesting illustrator with work over four decades and is very inspiring, I had found an interview online, it is a well written article and most informative, gave me insight into how he creates his work.

I then created a moodboard on pininterest

In my sketchbook I wanted a character for the illustration, taking inspiration from “hey, Arnold” I doodled some loose sketches all while paying attention to the 90s fashion.
Each doodle was leading the way forward and a developing a sense of colour palette I would like to try and use.

Next you can see in my sketchbook I had looked into some thumbnail and composition studies keeping in mind Mick Wiggins style and Sheffield 90s.
As do not want to go into to much details as wanted to keep shapes simple and effective like the works of John Wiggin. I opted to include the Tinsley Towers

My sketches took a leap when my thumbnails changed to portrait and more 90s poster style of design and I gave the character more attention.

I had a rough idea of medium I wanted to experiment with in this piece
I’m thinking alcohol based markers for the character to help keep saturation / contrast keeping 90s childrens animation characters in mind and Gouache, for a flat muted background inspired by Mick Wiggins illustration.

So lets give it a try, and

“This isn’t really you”

Ethan aged 8

My son summed this is up perfectly, maybe in trying to be “different” I lost to much of “me”.
I do want to experiment though out the course and try new things, so in that sense I have no regrets, I tried something different but as result I don’t think it is my standard.
In fact I felt I made a mistakes with this

As result… Part three coming soon!

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