Cute enough to sell!

I started out with the key words
Organic, children, raisin, choc chip, ginger, extant animals, interacting with the biscuit, full colour, box size?

I went out and did a bit of market research and collected pictures to help with my mood board. I paid attention to what caught my eye, how things stood out on the selves and the appeal it had. I’m a parent so I could ask myself “would I buy that”.
(lucky I did this before Corona virus lock down)

Packaging research moodboard
Market research mood board
Early Sketches
Early sketches
Early Sketches

After a debate I first picked three out of the top ten extant animals that I first started to work with. Tasmanian tiger – ginger, Dodo – Chocolate chip, Woolly Mammoth – raisin
I did change my mind later to,
Woolly mammoth – Chocolate Chip
Saber tooth tiger – Ginger
Short nose Bear – Raisin

I wanted to link the animals together and I had avoided originally as felt was too ice age, but my direction came from drawing a cute baby Mammoth and wanted a series based on young/baby animals. Another plus side for me changing my mind is that I can study the closest living animals today and get a good form / feel for their poses / expressions.

I feel that organic food has a “feel/vibe”, the colours made to look clean and fresh so more appealing for health reason while the more cartoonish, block / polished characters may catch the eyes of child parents may feel full of sugar and highly processed.
I feel the the objectives that wanting to appeal to parents that do not go for the “branded” but to draw in parents that are looking for an alternate.
I don’t think bold colours are suitable for this packaging, as it loses an organic feel and pushes the vibe into sugar / artificial packed snacked. As the animals are extract, they’re very much in the past, so I’m thinking vintage with a little modern boost to the packaging. I will be appealing to the parents as I know I wouldn’t always buy what my children pick in a supermarket however much they beg me. I would shop with my eyes and will reach for more “healthy” looking snacks.

Range that appeals to me is normally found in the toddler selection / baby food
Tend to be brands such as
Little Yeos, Organix, heavenly and little dish
The packaging tends to be very fresh/clean, colours such as green/white, guess all this is appealing via the buyers eyes for it’s goodness/freshness.
The Old Art School, Arwenack Avenue, Falmouth, TR11 3JJ, Cornwall

As well as market research in the shores I felt was important to know the “trends for 2020 in packaging”
The key trends that stood out for me
* Packaging that tells a story
*Natural & earthy pastels
* Illustration and doodle art.
* Diecut shape window

Yes, I won’t be able to work with all of these, however just knowing these key trends has left a few seeds in my mind to possibly grow in terms of a creative idea.
Thinking of making the illustration very sketchy with an almost doodle background, main background in natural and earth tones, such as
light moss green for raisin.
Light natural paper brown for chocolate.
A warm / ginger brown tint for ginger.
An area (blank colour that could possible be a die cut window or just an area for negative space / extra information etc)

Pinterest mood board –

Font & Graphics
Wanting a font from the 1900s I found in Greetings from Retro design a poster “Cabaret du Chat Noir” not only did this give font ideas but the starting point in terms of a colour palette and theme for my piece.

Another thing that came into my mind is making things look cute was this video I watched a while ago by Aaron Blaise
This was something that was on my mind to create my characters.

With this style in mind I had a play with thumbnails (which could scan and send to clients at each stage) this was in both my personal and course sketchbook.


These was created using liquid watercolour, following a technique I started to pick up at the beginning of the course.

I was happy with the woolly mammoth, but the tigers fang were wrong (looks like a spider) and needed to work on the cookies as just looks like broken pieces.

The short nose bear was the one I wasn’t happy with, the face had lost shape and didn’t seem right, the first sketches had more promise.

I redid the bear with more shape, I wasn’t to happy with the colouring as I knew could adjust this digitally.

I took the scans in photoshop and started to make them work with “brown paper” background so very natural.

I used just a solid colour for the die-cut / peep though areas (but in the mock up I added these sections to look like can see though plastic.

I didn’t add the brand name or logo but left space for them to be added.

OCA - PAckaging all three flat

The result, I would love to test printing on brown paper as I bet that adds a lovely effects if done right, sadly due to the coronavirus I’m limited what I can do and I really wanted to make this into a box. (I may do this at a future date, even if I’ve finished this unit, as my curiousy want to test printing and see how it reacts)
I made a mock up (Choc chip being the “main”)

OCA Packaging Mock up

This is the first exercise I really researched the “on Trend” designs and that greatly influenced my design choices.
I do have to think have I let what I like as a parent influence me to much or even the “trends” of 2020. I like them, but do they stand out in the crowd of boxes ?
A couple of illustration issue, like the green on the tigers box seem brighter and maybe should have made the bears box more yellow as I did want the boxes very subtlety different to suit the cookie flavor!

Then on the design front, I’m working around kids (painting with them) Bit worried things may not be up to my normal standard (When I’m giving so much more) Least I’m proving I can illustrate with kids at home.

Brain storming ways to give the packaging something more!

I did step away from this, I had shared my work with others and feedback mainly it is fun, playful and cute.

One feedback however got me really thinking, this work does lacks brand identity, now while this wasn’t really an oversight of such. I had thought about where a company logo would go, and information (back), that the “brand” would likely already have a logo etc – I wanted the sides to be just simple as minimal packaging is all the range as people are getting more aware of packaging and environmental impact, so more “green”.
The fonts I wrote with the impression a child could have almost wrote it!

But looking at finally giving some thought because of lack of logo / brand and information it lacks that polished finished. Which is something I said in the first days I wanted to gain from the course. So it makes sense that I push this a little more, if not for the course but for myself. Plus gives me that thinking about “word and pictures” thinking a bit deeper!

So I’m designing a “brand” to include in this piece, I’ve always from the brief felt this was a more organic type of company, maybe back to the older style of cooking/ real oaks and things like that. So thought the cookie company could indeed make a play on “ice age”. So the logo design is based upon cave painting of that era, could even have a cute cave man with speech bubble explaining the information.

Credits, resources and research

With thanks to for the mock up

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