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Getting the Gist Pt2

Research, information and finally picking an editorial for this exercise. Following on from Pt1, plan A had worked. I’ve spent about 4/5 days away from the editorials I liked and indeed had forgotten the images. During that time I’ve done some more research into the world of editorial illustration, which I will give aContinue reading “Getting the Gist Pt2”

History of Illustration – Summary

Exercise one – thoughts If anything I feel John Minton was ahead in his time in many ways, he was limited by the tools and prejudges of his time. I felt his desire to create something that wasn’t yet understood, he wanted to be free with his art and in life which time denied him.Continue reading “History of Illustration – Summary”

History of illustration – Jo Empson

Jo Empson graduated from Cambridge school of arts with a MA is children book illustration, she also has a background as a graphic designer. She is inspired by nature, colour and design. Her books have depth, meaning, a colour and movement narrative and very much fun. While I was reading her blog I get theContinue reading “History of illustration – Jo Empson”

Thoughts on the history of illustration Pt1

Illustration over the last 50 years Before we get into the exercise topic I wanted start with little note, that I may be adding a lot of post in my learning log at first. I have no plans apart from mind maps to be writing in my sketchbooks, I will make sure I add aContinue reading “Thoughts on the history of illustration Pt1”