A menu card

Making a small impact!

One of the artist I found when I was researching for point of sale inspiration was Camilla Perkins, I liked the colours she use and how simple the design were (which could easily double up as a logo design.
Her illustrations reminded me of John Mintons book jacket for

In my research I created a mood board in my sketchbook, I came across an illustration for Kerridge’s bar & grill by Quentin Blake which conveyed the vibe I wanted to try. (Image in my sketchbook moodboard as seen bewloq) I will be aiming for a design in the style of the Perkins and Minton with the medium/technique style fusion of Blake.

I have a challenge to make the “food” look appealing and something that would also possibility work as a logo.

In my pininterest board for this exercise I tried to keep in mind what the “client” is looking for and the vibe of the place. This included looking into decor of a possible restaurant and plating of fish.

I knew this will be a challenge to tackle modern and yet making the food look visually appraising, early thought are limiting colours but having the “fresh” colour palette there. So I need to experiment quite a bit with this exercise.

I also have to bear in mind the final size is pretty small, which means even if do create something visually food appealing I need to be able to make it more simple, I could work backwards from a illustration like the exercise client visuals.


I first started with watercolour and ink (normal brush) but realizing I could use more line weight. I switched to rice paper / Chinese brushes.

OCA - Menu

(above) viewing these in small size made me select the ones that stood out the best small. As much as I liked number two I knew this isn’t going to work small sized, number four is the one I thought would work best, however looking at it smaller the details are making it too busy and it looks too cartoon for what we want. Learnt my lesson from the last exercise I needed to look at this more objectively!
I’m thinking number three or five, more simple than I thought but these two look the best smaller. Number five works well in black and white, I would like to explore that with a tiny amount of colour under.

OCA - munu Black and white
oca - menu large

Above finals (option for B&W and colour)

OCA to size - menu

After the last exercise I wanted to make sure I kept the objectives in mind, knowing that needed to work on such small scale I had to keep this simple and work with line weight.
Also have the option to have in black and white or simple colours, I also was safe and went with fish as it spoke the best for me being simple and right to the point.

I would have liked the design with watercolour under for the colour, however I think so small it wouldn’t really make a difference.
Most important it works small and could easily be a logo.

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