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Part Three – Working it out

Quick links
Illustrating visual space –
Reading an Image –
Image Development –
Abstract Illustration –
Giving Instructions –
Viewpoint –
Client Visuals –
Creating a mock up –

Assignment three
A poster (Jazz) –

Reworks (to date) –

This unit, I’m a little worried if I’ve done enough. I didn’t get to much into the creating pieces or extra pieces as I really got into the back bone of the foundations of good illustration. I watched a lot of skill share classes, explored with layouts and even limiting colours in most of my exercises and assignment to ensure that I would pay more attention to the stage when creating my foundations, good habits so that I can polish my work and finish to a higher standard.

That didn’t limit me from exploring fully, like said one way that I did this was by limiting colour, in this exercise I did find myself more on photoshop/digital with exercises such as giving instructions and mock up, this allowed me more creative freedom to edit and personally the finish I wanted was always going to be best digital.

A couple of the exercises illustrating visual space, viewpoints and client visual I was a bit confused what I was meant to do. Guess the ones with more specific instructions how to go about them / and not quite sure what was asking me to finish with. I think I got there, even if took a detour at times.
I understood clearly what OCA is trying to teach us via these exercises, some is something you may have notice I do anyway from college, self study, photography and keeping my personal sketchbook. That’s not to say I didn’t learn things, I realized I need to test things more in the earlier stages, explore more in depth than a thumbnail and not to get attached to that first good idea I think I have too early. I have to say pretty much all my exercises and assignment in unit 3 haven’t even cross my mind in the early stages of designing.
Also these things I feel as an illustrator you can always learn more / improve and grow from the basics.

I found I really enjoyed Giving instructions, making a mock up and a poster. As all three of these I like the finished result. Due to skill share classes both Giving instructions and a mock up was deeply inspired as wanted to explore techniques that were new and interesting and from both these exercises the Jazz poster took shape!

As much as I like what I did, I know a bit of technical skills need to be brushed up. I’m studying calligraphy via skillshare and youtube which will help in the long run with handmade fonts.

I’m very excited for unit 4 – style, I think this is a good unit to start bringing everything together, I still feel the need to explore more with mediums so think the first few exercises more so will give me the chance to do that.

Illustration highlights

Vinyl Record PSD MockUp
OCA mock up v5
OCA giving Instrutions final
OCA JAZZ V2 smaller

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