Part One – Getting started

Summary and Thoughts

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Getting the Gist – Exercise 2
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Assignment ONE – Say Hello
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My real challenge with “getting started – part one” was indeed this learning log, I am very much a person that writes and specks well inside my head but actually getting the words out I find very tricky, mainly as it’s not its never even close to as perfect as it sounds in my head so I normally “give up”. I’ve tried to tackle like I’m just talking out loud to myself or someone I’m very close to, I also may have included too much information at times whilst I am rambling but, I think that is something I will find the balance with in time.
I have also uploaded each in parts, following a theme reflection, research and then the working on the art work, this is mainly for me and my own thought progress break down at this moment in time, I’m breaking this down each exercise in stage to make sure I do not miss things and to stop myself jumping ahead with a final piece right away. It’s a method to make sure I slow down and fully explore, this seems to be working, I don’t think it will be something for every exercise in the future and as I build my confidence, the way I document things on this learning blog may full well change as time passes. I do think the more I go along I should be able to streamline things better.

oca getting the gist mock up 001

Overall I think I took a step or two outside my comfort zone at time to explore and push myself, I do know I have a lot more to give, so I’m wondering if I held myself back.
While the pieces I produced I think are good, I really liked the mock up for “getting the gist” the most out of all my pieces, something about seeing a design as a possible editorial and getting the buzz of “I did that!” feeling!
I can always see how I could do things differently or better. This can be a loop I can get stuck in so in need of learning when to stop and when to work on more will be a test for me in the coming units.
I’m also very nervous for feedback, it is one of them things I know that I need, I believe the best lessons in art I get from others, critiques being important for both the artist and assessor. Another thing that has also came to my attention and something I want to make sure I improve upon in part two is making sure I have all my visual references and links for better ease of access for my tutor and anyone reading.
Lastly I think I may need to be more verbal in my reflections, at the moment I still find it hard to explain what sometimes I can only think to describe as gut instants, but I know if I dig enough there indeed is a reason and I need to learn what the reasons and how to express them.

Thoughts on starting part two – Ideas. I’m both very excited and nervous, I’m excited about the research and all the exploring but I’m nervous that I won’t push myself enough or too if I try to much, I’m also worried by the fact I know what I like and don’t like ! example of this is things like mark making I already love testing and exploring art supplies therefore I know what I dislike and what are my personal pet peeves, so will this make me bias and stop me fully exploring that would be required for that exercise?

Illustration Highlights from Part One

OCA 0001 v2
Final piece from exploring John Mintons work, creating my own book sleeve based around his style.
I really enjoyed exploring different mediums to which create paint splatters.
Final piece in reflection to my study on Jo Empsons work, very different to what I normally do however I truly had fun creating and will use the methods I’ve learnt creating this again.
Creating a piece for the final work of “getting” the gist
Loved working with metallic gouache and the texture on the paper.
OCA saying hello bottom text
Assignment one final piece, this is very me and I loved seeing this design come together.
I do think maybe should have done a collection of layout digitally not just thumbnails to see if this was the best composition.

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